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Considerations to Make Before Skip Bin Hire

Many homeowners use council bins to dispose of their waste. However, for some, these garbage bins are not sufficient for their waste disposal needs. This is why some Australian households invest in skip bin hire. If you are considering hiring a skip bin, the following considerations will help you get the right bin.

1. Type of Skip Bins

One of the most important considerations you need to make when looking for skip bin hire services is the type of bins suited for your waste. Bins differ in terms of strength and manoeuvrability. The three main types of bins you are likely to find are marrel skip bins, hook craneable skip bins, and hook skip bins.

Marrel bins are smaller than hook bins and are normally chain lifted behind a truck. These bins can hold light and heavy materials. On the other hand, the hook craneable bins are suited for construction and demolition projects. These bins are manoeuvered using cranes. Lastly, hook bins are bigger than marrel bins. These bins are moved using a hook arm that is attached at the back of a truck.

2. The Size

Another important consideration when shopping for a skip bin for hire is to choose the right size. The large skip bins take time to fill, whereas the smaller bins are refilled several times. It's crucial to choose a size that accommodates all your waste within a given period. For example, a bin size that will be able to accommodate one week's worth of waste.

The best way to choose the right skip bin size is to assess what the bin will be used for. For example, if you have a construction or demolition project, you will need a large skip bin. However, you can choose a medium or small skip bin for the ordinary household waste depending on your estimation of your weekly domestic waste.

3. The Materials You're Disposing 

Many skip bin companies have restrictions on the kind of material that is stashed away in their bins. The acceptable materials include general household waste, green waste, concrete, and white goods. Generally, most companies allow only items that are environmentally safe to be disposed of in their bins. Some materials pose a hazard to the environment. These include items such as asbestos, fibro, chemicals, and some specific foods and drinks. You should enquire from the skip bin service the type of permitted materials and those that are restricted.