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Three Ways To Ethically Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Belongings

At some point in most people's lives, they reach a stage where the gradual accumulation of things becomes more of a negative than a positive. This realisation can happen at 25 or 75, but it is usually closely followed by a need to remove all clutter from a person's immediate surroundings and live more militaristically. Not everyone gets that drastic, but regardless, any big clean-out of your home is bound to leave you with a surprising amount of things that you have no idea what to do with. Here are the three main ways you should consider getting rid of your belongings.

Rubbish Removal

You should sort your belongings into things that could be used again and items that are clearly past their prime and that no one would want. While it can be hard to get rid of some mementos, sometimes you simply have to make a clean break and get rid of the kilos and kilos of your old birthday cards, sports equipment and forgotten books along with anything else that you haven't used for years. Most people will be absolutely astounded with how big this pile will be, and due to its size and the presence of bigger objects, you often cannot simply fit this in your regular rubbish bin. This is where you should contact the services of a rubbish removal company who will dispose of your waste quickly and cheaply. They will also be able to recycle items that you might not be able to, helping the environment.

Charity Donation

While it can be uncomfortable to think of someone using your old clothes or furniture, just remember that a lot of these items are really going to help the less fortunate in a time where the wealth inequality is rising. There are many worthy charities that will take almost anything including St. Vincent De Paul's (Colloquially known as "Vinnies"), The Salvation Army and many community groups that deal with housing the homeless and domestic abuse victims. Remember that since your items will be going to charity, they should still be usable and you should not use this as an opportunity to simply dump your rubbish. 

Storage Unit

If you have items that you simply cannot abandon, whether due to their sentimental value or for the possibility that you might have a use for it down the road, then your last option would be to get an external storage unit to house your items. Look for one that is not too far away from you and that has good, long-term rates. Remember that this will be an ongoing expense and should be your last option.