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Garden Waste and Skip Bin Hire: What You Might Not Have Considered

There can almost be a sense of relief when the day of your skip bin hire arrives. All that old junk that has been sitting around your home will soon be just a memory. While it's an excellent way to get rid of your clutter, hiring a skip bin is not necessarily a way to get rid of absolutely everything that needs to go. Some of this is rather logical, and it's unsurprising to think that toxic materials (chemicals, paint, some cleaning products) can't be disposed of in a skip bin, since they can easily seep out into the ground after being buried in landfill. What can be surprising is that not all garden waste is appropriate for disposal in a skip bin. Why is this the case? And what's a way around it?

Biosecurity Restrictions

In some parts of Australia, soil is not permitted to be simply disposed of. It's usually only an issue when biosecurity restrictions are applicable, such as Queensland residents who live in a fire ant zone. This means that even the smallest amount of soil cannot be placed in your skip bin. If you're unsure about any biosecurity restrictions that might apply, have a word with your bin hire company. If they've provided you with a list of materials that cannot be placed in the bin and some of these items seem oddly specific, an existing biosecurity restriction might be the reason.

Sorting is Important

General garden waste (such as prunings from trees and plants) can usually be disposed of in a skip bin, as long as certain requirements are met. Once the waste has been sorted, suitable materials are set aside and sent to specialist composting facilities where it's heat treated to kill any live seeds or bug larvae and mulched. This compost is then used by your local council in parks and on nature strips. However, this can only take place if it can be sorted properly. This means that leaves and foliage should be placed into a durable plastic rubbish bag before being placed in the skip bin to allow for easy sorting. This prevents loose plant materials being scattered throughout the bin.

A Lot of Garden Waste

If you suspect that you will have a large amount of garden waste to get rid of when hiring the skip bin, you should enquire as to whether the bin company can provide you with a specialist receptacle for this. A garden bin is little more than a durable canvas sack held up by a collapsible metal frame. It's designed to be lightweight (so you can move it around your backyard as needed) and its contents are kept separate from the rest of the skip bin. A small surcharge would apply for the hiring of such a device, but it can be worthwhile if you have a lot of garden waste to get rid of.

So while your skip bin will be able to get rid of almost everything that needs to go, certain provisions might become necessary when getting rid of your garden waste. For more information, contact companies like A West Bin.